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Signature Cocktails



To promote various spirit sales in SLGA liquor stores, Bradbury designed a campaign that featured recipes of famous cocktails on various in-store materials such as danglers, shelf talkers and bottle neck tags. The neck tags allow the customer to sample several classic cocktail mixes, and the design is intended to have a vintage feel of cocktail culture from the 1950’s.



Danglers  |  Shelf Talkers  |  Floor Decals  |  Backers  |  Neck Tags

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Bradbury Collage

"Bradbury’s creative methodology is very sound, which involves lots of client need analysis to determine the delivery strategy. The creative output has been quite innovative, and they have been able to generate eye-catching and impactful artwork while working within the restrictions given. They have been very open and responsive to client critics and feedback, especially with the amount of stakeholders that need to review and approve the creative."

Brad Gore, Director, Retail Marketing & Products at Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

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