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Money for Tomorrow was chosen by SaskWorks as the exclusive team to provide an online portal for investors to open and manage their SaskWorks investments. Because the service is a mix of automation with some human input, we developed the tagline, “Powered by the human touch” — this informed all of the creative. We developed a logo with a stylized human hand, combined with a financial bar graph. The logo is designed to reflect the friendly, human-like functionality of the portal. This was a big differentiator that sets Money for Tomorrow apart from competing financial investment firms. Once the new identity was crafted, we designed a fresh, engaging and user friendly interface for the portal. (Coming soon)


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We’re an international award-winning branding & design agency located in Regina, Saskatchewan— the city that rhymes with fun (… seriously, Google it).

Bradbury Brand + Design Experts is a Canadian brand consultancy that aligns your brand with your organizational goals. 


We believe strong brands are rooted in strong values, and that’s where our strategy begins. We work with business and organizations that want to make a difference, whether through their products, services or experiences. 


We work with you to create a deliberate brand strategy—one that helps you meet strategic business objectives while delivering engaging brand encounters and memorable customer/member experiences. From profitability to sustainability to social connection, Bradbury builds brands people believe in.

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