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Reuse, Refill, Repeat.



This highly successful campaign was designed to elevate public awareness regarding the burgeoning craft beer industry within the province of Saskatchewan. Craft beer offerings rotate weekly to provide a wide variety of refreshment options to consumers, delivered through the novelty of "fill-your-own" growler stations. 



Logo Design  |  Packaging  |  Growler Station and Backdrop  |  Posters  |  Handbills  |  Banners

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"Bradbury’s creative methodology is very sound, which involves lots of client need analysis to determine the delivery strategy. The creative output has been quite innovative, and they have been able to generate eye-catching and impactful artwork while working within the restrictions given.  They have been very open and responsive to client critics and feedback, especially with the amount of stakeholders that need to review and approve the creative."

Brad Gore, Director, Retail Marketing & Products at Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

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