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Bradbury is a brand consultancy that aligns an organization’s brand with its business goals and values. We have 30+ years’ experience in strategic branding and award-winning design. 

We’ve won prestigious awards from New York’s legendary The Black Book Annual Report 100 Award Show, as well as from leading design magazines such as Communication Arts, Applied Arts, and the How International Design Annual. We had a whopping 20 projects featured in the book, Font: Classic Typefaces for Contemporary Graphic Design (2009), and have been published in a number of other books, including World’s Best Publication Design. And we are honoured to have our work in the National Archives of Canada and the Institute of Design Montreal.

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Like most stories, it all begins with the main character – and in Bradbury’s story, that character is our founder and creative director, Catharine Bradbury. Over 30 years ago, Catharine began her journey by studying visual communications in Alberta and at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, BC. After completing her education, she landed her first position with an agency that allowed her to get her foot in the door. While the experience was valuable to her career, she found herself at a crossroad.
Catharine discovered that not having the opportunity to work directly with clients prevented her from doing her best work. It was obvious from that moment on there was only one road to take – build her own firm from the ground up. Fast forward 30 years and Catharine has an exceptional track record of pushing design boundaries and setting trends rather than following them. At the root of her journey was the desire to collaborate with clients that are like-minded and want to make a difference in this world. That mantra is the brand heartbeat of the entire team at Bradbury. It’s our pulse, it’s what we live and breath. 



We’re all in.
If it’s cliché to say we love what we do, so be it—we love what we do. And we love to share our passion for branding, design, storytelling and creative marketing with like-minded clients. 

We’re high-touch. 
We talk regularly and openly with our clients because there’s nothing more fun, more inspiring than discovering who you are, why you do what you do and where you want your brand to go.

We run toward.
We embrace ideas, opportunities and potential. We’re not afraid to show you something new or to push your brand in different, relevant directions. 

We keep our promises.
We give you our best work, every time. We clearly state what we’ll do and when we’ll do it. And then we do it.

We stay true.
We’ll always advocate for strategies that deliver the best value for your brand, because we’re invested in helping build your brand into something people truly believe in.

We practice the golden rule.
We treat others as we want to be treated. We practice kindness with the same commitment we practice creativity. We respect differences and share successes. We listen and offer strategies that nurture your goals. In short, we treat clients like family.

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What motivates us, what gets us really excited, is working with clients who want to make a difference, clients who believe that what they have to offer is going to change the world for the better. Our honest belief in our clients’ vision and values lays the foundation for our work—creating brands people believe in. 

Bradbury has spent years refining our processes and procedures to provide you with simple, yet effective solutions. We have no middlemen or account managers.
You deal directly with the Bradbury team member working on your project, so there are no extra steps, redundant phone calls or emails. We make your planning easy.


The foundation of every world-class customer experience is the people who deliver it. We are immensely proud of our team. Each and every one was invited to join us because they are exceptionally talented and committed to excellence. We understand that behind the Bradbury name are many meaningful small gestures that help make our clients’ days easier, happier and more productive.

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Catharine Bradbury

Founder, CEO + Creative Director

“I’m passionate about being as creative as possible, as strategic as possible and providing the best solution possible.”

Catharine is the founder and creative director of Bradbury Brand + Design Experts. After more than 30 years of building brands people believe in, she’s developed a reputation as a brand and design leader. She developed the Brand Imprint process specifically to help clients define the intangibles that go into making a memorable brand—values, personality traits, differentiators, ideal client profiles.


Catharine uses her experience in brand stewardship and brand coaching to help clients build authentic brands from within. Her unique focus on brand strategy + design ensures tangible results, while her commitment to personal, responsive service provides the foundation for long-term client relationships.


Catharine’s portfolio reflects the incredible diversity of her clients. She’s won over 300 international and national design awards, designed over 40 stamps for Canada Post, served a six-year term on the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee to select stamp subjects and designs for commemorative stamps, has judged the “Best Album Cover of the Year” for Canada’s Juno Awards, and served on a number of design competition juries.


Bill Schwarz

Partner, VP Brand Strategy +
Customer Experience Management

“So many people are on the brink of doing something great; we help them take the next step.”

Bill brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. He draws on over 20 years of senior management experience, post-graduate research in organizational wellness, and certifications in brand management, professional change management and Lean Six Sigma. A self-described life-long learner, Bill consumes white papers on leadership and branding and distils them into practical wisdom. His thought leadership provides valuable insights into the human side of branding. By helping clients map out the customer journey and identify key touchpoints, he lays the foundation for building brands people believe in.

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Bree Thompson

Graphic Designer +
Manager, Digital Strategy 

“For me, the best part of my job is sharing the creative experience with another human.”

Bree is a passionate, dedicated designer with an impressive set of design, digital marketing and production skills. Social media is her jam, as evidenced by the thoughtful ways she weaves design into the various platforms. A detail-oriented multitasker, she enjoys Bradbury’s fast-paced, creative atmosphere. But as an entrepreneur herself, Bree also knows that your brand isn’t your logo—it’s how people experience your product or service. She uses her talents to build relationships with clients and help bring brand strategies to life.


Bev Fast

Writer + Editor

“I love creating a voice for clients, capturing their brand personality and creating that human to human connection.”

Bev is an experienced writer and editor who understands branding and its impact on content creation at every level. She is well-versed in using the Brand Imprint to align brand messaging, subtly communicate brand values, highlight brand differentiators and target ideal clients. She uses these elements to craft your brand story, creating a distinct voice for your company or organization and using that voice consistently across communication platforms. Bev works closely with clients to create content that is professional yet engaging; concise yet fun to read; relevant yet always reinforcing that this is a brand people can believe in.


Claire Watson

VP Strategic Marketing +


“I believe effective communication connects with people on an emotional level and motivates behaviours that drive results.”

Claire is an accredited business communicator at both international and national levels of the profession and one of only 60 recognized IABC Master Communicators in Canada. In 2012, she was awarded the international IABC Chairman’s Award for thought leadership and service to the profession. In 2016, she received a Lifetime Achievement award from IABC Regina. Claire holds 33 international Gold Quill Awards of Excellence and over 150 national and provincial awards for her work in strategic marketing communication. Her track record of leading global teams to collaborate, think strategically, act creatively, implement precisely, and exceed customer expectations delivers meaningful business results at every turn. Her broad range of experience includes strategic communication management, research and measurement, internal and change communication, inbound / outbound marketing and social media.


Jess Reimer

UX Partner

“I help design experiences that inspire connection—to somewhere, someone, or something."

Jess is the owner and principal at Paper Plane Communications, a consultancy specializing in psychology-based content and user experience (UX) design for the arts, culture, and tourism sectors. With certifications in psychology, professional writing, and UX design, Jess has helped organizations across North America and Australia do good and do well. 


A cornerstone of her work involves applying the principles of design thinking and cognitive and developmental psychology to engage communities and stakeholders. This approach to discovery and analysis lays the foundation for accessible, meaningful people-first experiences.


Jess is also a Master’s candidate with the University of Saskatchewan’s interdisciplinary Culture, Health, and Human Development program. Her research focuses on the individual and community health benefits of experiential learning through participation in arts and cultural activities.

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