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Common Weal is a provincial arts organization that collaboratively engages professional artists with communities to promote social change and cultural identity through creative expression. To better reflect Common Weal's goals, values and reasons for being, we designed a new brand identity beginning with the logo. The new logo captures the relevance of the organization's purpose in bringing artists, citizens and shared imagination together. Inspired by Bauhaus design style as a nod to art history, the design provides a unique, visible and recognizable mark for Common Weal's audience. 



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“Looking back on almost 30 years of socially engaged arts practice, we wanted something that reflected our innovative and forward thinking approach while respecting the strong roots and history of the organization. The team at  Bradbury worked with us to find branding choices that spoke to both priorities, resulting in a new look that we are truly proud of. Catharine's joy and excitement is infectious, and she has the experience to back it up. Anyone who has the chance to work with Bradbury is fortunate indeed." 

Nena Hawkes, Communications & Development Coordinator, Common Weal Community Arts

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