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Caliber Coffee Roasters had made a name for itself among coffee aficionados and it was time to grow. Our strategic Brand Imprint process provided the foundation a complete rebrand — a long-term strategy that includes everything from visual identity, to retail packaging, to a new website. We took Caliber Coffee Roasters on a deep dive into the who, what, where, why and how of their business. It was an exciting process, particularly because this client is so passionate about what they do and the way they do it. We developed a clear brand message that plays out across multiple platforms — from retail shelves to hotels to the digital world — Caliber Coffee Roasters sources globally and roasts locally to deliver exceptionally fresh specialty coffee. That’s smart coffee. That’s Caliber Coffee.

(Brand launch coming soon)


Brand Strategy  |  Logo Design  |  Packaging  |  Website Design  |  Social Media Applications

Stationery |  Popup Banners  |  Decals  |  Table Tent Cards  |  Posters  |  Aprons  |  Cup Wraps

Content Development  |  Brand Playbook


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“We’ve always had an intuitive sense of what makes Caliber Coffee different. After going through the Bradbury Brand Imprint process, we were able to translate what we knew intuitively into actual words. The Brand Imprint got us to the heart of things—it helped us define our ideal customers and nail down our differentiators. Catharine used all that to develop a new brand identity that really sets us apart in the market. Before, we were just Caliber Coffee. Now, Caliber Coffee is smart coffee.”

Kyle Chalupiak, President & CEO, Caliber Coffee Roasters

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