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Maximize your brand to drive social change.

There are over 170,000 charitable and non-profit organizations in Canada. How does a non-profit stand out in such a large pool? Or better yet, how can non-profits manage their brand in a way that will create greater social impact and form tighter organizational cohesion?

We have decades of experience working with non-profit and membership-based organizations. We assist with leveraging your brand to bring about social change while living out your mission and staying true to your organization’s values and culture.

Ways we can help:

Brand Strategy

What exactly IS your brand? And how can you manage it to bring about greater efficiency in 
accomplishing your goals and objectives? We can assist with developing a robust brand strategy that can increase your organization’s core performance, attract members and key donors, and inspire your staff and volunteers.

Graphic Design

Great design aesthetics are essential for making your organization look professional and advancing your mission. Whether it’s designing a new logo, creating marketing materials, or developing visual guidelines, we use our skills to ensure you look your best.

Client Experience

Brands are verbs: What they do matters more than what they say. People pay close attention to how brands interact with others. Knowing how to improve your client’s or member’s experience is an important part of building your brand from the inside-out.    


When it comes to marketing large-scale events, every detail matters. Impressions are formed quickly and experiences are constantly evaluated. From building awareness via engaging marketing materials and carefully selected channels to developing consistent, on-brand experiences throughout the event to respectfully obtaining follow-up feedback, we take great steps to help our clients provide creative, memorable and seamless affairs.  
Helping out

We understand that resources are tight for non-profit and member-based organizations. We also recognize the need to use those resources in the most responsible way possible. That is why Bradbury offers a 15% non-profit discount on all services. Give us a call, we’d love to help.

Live out your mission, stay true to your 
organizational values and culture.

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