Your goals + values 
are where our brand
strategy begins.

Your brand isn’t your logo. It isn’t your tag line. Or your social media. Your brand is how people experience your organization. That “experience” includes everything you do.  And everything you do is rooted in your organization’s goals and values. 
Your goals and values are where our brand strategy begins. Bradbury builds brands people believe in. 

Branding for 



If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will. If you don’t manage your brand, your competition will. If your brand is invisible, indistinguishable or simply static, while a competitor’s brand is claiming leadership or setting itself apart, their brand wins and you lose market share.

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Branding for 

the Arts.


For 30 years, Bradbury has provided marketing, design and creative content services to a wide range of clients in the arts and culture community. From designing exhibit books and marketing materials for art galleries to programs and banners for dance studios to websites and brand strategies.

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Branding for 



We have decades of experience working with non-profit and membership-based organizations, assisting them with leveraging their brand to bring about social change while living out their mission and staying true to their organization’s values and culture. 

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“If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business – it’s that simple. Money should never be a solitary driver in business. If you don’t care about your product, and its purpose, you will fall short of your expectations. What is the difference you are trying to achieve with your product or service?”

- Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group



At Bradbury, everything we do revolves around helping you design a deliberate brand strategy to achieve your long-term goals. By focusing on Strategy First, we help you create consistent on-brand experiences across your organization for your customers, donors or members.




Bradbury’s proprietary Brand Imprint™ process helps you clearly define the personality, character and values that make your business, arts organization or non-profit unique. We use those values to create a brand image that builds awareness, engages ideal clients, grows revenue, fosters a culture of success and delivers value to consumers and employees.


Our approach is collaborative and evidence-based, so your brand decisions are made with certainty and your marketing resources are used efficiently.


We do free brand reviews. No strings but definitely some “aha” moments.


Here’s why it works.


  • Internally, your brand is clearly communicated, supported and understood

  • Internal ownership supports consistent, long-term application

  • Externally, your brand is authentic, based on truth and mutually agreed upon facts

  • People connect with your brand values and personality traits

Here’s why it matters.


  • Engagement — your brand communicates to people on an emotional level

  • Memorability — your brand reputation is reinforced

  • Loyalty — your clients are more likely to return

  • Premium pricing — clients seek you out

  • Brand equity — brand awareness increases brand value

  • Familiarity — memorability generates word-of-mouth

  • Succession planning — a strong brand improves recruitment and retention

  • Stability — clear, concise, consistent brand messaging across the firm

  • Cost savings — increased memorability leads to lower marketing costs

Heading 3



According to Industry Canada, 15% of all Canadian startups fail within the first year and only 50% make it past year 5. There are a number of reasons startups fail, but poor brand strategy is definitely a leading cause. The Bradbury Brand Imprint can start you off right with a creative and measurable brand strategy, so you can begin building your brand right away. Don’t make the mistake of trying to save money now by just paying for a logo/website. Poor brand development when you’re new and unknown will cost you more in the long run. In fact, it could cost you your business.



Brands are subject to the changing winds of culture, technology and economics. It’s important to remember that high-impact branding is a process, not a final destination. The Bradbury Brand Imprint can help redefine and refresh your organization with relevant, up-to-date brand strategies and messaging that connects with a contemporary world.



Perhaps you’re looking to expand your business but can’t seem to get traction. Or maybe you’ve been around for a while, sales are plateauing and previous marketing tactics aren’t working anymore. These are signs it may be time for you to look at empowering your brand. Our Brand Imprint process can invigorate your brand and take you where you want it to go. We work with you to create a strategic brand experiences that attracts and retains new customers and employees.

“Working with the Bradbury team has been an incredibly eye opening experience with regards to better understanding our business as well as our vision for growth and development! The knowledge that they have passed on with regards to branding (from the inside out) has changed our perspective on how we feel about our business - and how we want our clients to feel about us as well!"

Mandy Pisarek, Owner, MTSI 

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