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Book your 30
minute free design planning session.

Speak with our branding and design experts, Catharine & Bill.
What we will cover during the session:

1. Your goals and objectives
2. Defining your target audience
3. What you want to communicate
4. Costs associated with your project

We help brands stand out from the crowd, reach their target audience and grow 
customer loyalty to enhance market reach.

Here's what we can do for you:


  • Logo Design: Provide you with unique and distinct logo options to choose from, each presented with a design rationale

  • Labels and Packaging: We design amazing, award-winning packaging and labels that are unique, stand out, and appeal to your target audience

  • Marketing Materials: We create awareness via popup banners, digital and print ads, stationary, billboards, bus boards, brochures and other materials

  • Digital Design: Infographics, mastheads, advertising, and social media to communicate your key messages and give your customers a reason to care

  • Menus: Set the tone for the type of restaurant you own, along with creating a family of materials that communicate your visual identity

  • Signage: Clearly identifies your business and sets the tone for your visual identity

  • Brand Playbook: Outlines your brand heartbeat -- things like your brand promise, purpose, positioning, and messaging, and includes your visual identity guidelines everyone is on the same page and your visual brand is always applied consistently and looks its best

  • Annual Reports: Annual reports that are on-brand, visually compelling, easy to read, and clearly focuses on your key messages. Using our proprietary process, we meet milestone objectives while encouraging timely input from senior management. 

  • Exhibition catalogues: To represent artists, curators and their exhibitions

  • History books: That communicate your history in an easy-to-read manner with style and curated photos

  • Mood Board: Suggests a direction for your visual brand to provide a clear vision of how your brand identity can exist on different applications

Why Choose Bradbury?


Our top priority is the success of our clients. And we have 30+ year’s of success stories to prove it. We've worked with food and beverage companies, financial services and insurance agencies; dentists and doctors; wholesalers, retailers and shopping centres; lawyers, engineers and architects; universities and colleges; construction and agriculture; logistics and transportation; health care organizations; non-profits; art galleries, museums, zoos; and many more.


When we say we provide world-class, award-winning design we're not exaggerating. We’ve received more than 300 national and international graphic design awards juried by some of the world’s top designers, marketing and communications experts. Take a look at some of our work below and be inspired by what we can accomplish together.


Best of all, we believe the foundation of every world-class customer experience is the people who deliver it. Founder, CEO & Creative Director, Catharine Bradbury, and her 30+ years experience will work directly with you on every project. Every member of the Bradbury team are exceptionally talented, committed to excellence, and understand that behind the Bradbury name are many small, meaningful gestures that help make our clients’ day easier, happier, and more successful.


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