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Your Logo Is Not Your Brand.

Bradbury’s first rule of brandingyour logo is not your brand, you are not your logo. Or your tagline. Or your visual identity, even when consistently applied across web, social and traditional communication media.


Bradbury’s second rule of brandingyour brand is your reputation in the marketplace. Your brand is what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room. And it’s affected by all stakeholders, internal and external.

Not even famous logos.

Nike’s famous swoosh is not the company’s brand; it is a hugely successful visual representation of the company’s reputation. The swoosh is a brand image. The brand also includes the Nike name, taglines, ad campaigns, products, endorsements and culture. There’s a strategy behind all of it.


Size doesn’t matter, really.

Branding is not just for big corporations with big budgets. Every size firm can benefit from creating or enhancing a brand identity. That brand identity will target your ideal clients and set you apart in your market, whether local, regional, national or online.


So who are you?

That’s a big question. In fact, when it comes to branding, it’s THE question. Because your answer, from the things you do to the values you believe in, is what makes your brand. Here’s the challenge. You’ve got to define all those intangibles … get buy-in across your organization … and then communicate the intangibles, both internally to employees and externally to clients. Consistently.


Okay, it’s complicated … but not mysterious.

It’s the intangibles of branding that make it such a challenge for so many organizations. It’s not enough to say, “we have great people” or “we’re passionate about service.” A successful brand sets you apart. For that, you need to identify what makes you different—is it your expertise with a specific audience? A type of client you know especially well? A geographic market, specialized service, product or process? Expertise in your department, field or industry?


This is where our Brand Imprint is so effective. It’s a documented, step-by-step process with concrete deliverables. You’ll emerge with mutually agreed upon core brand values, character and personality traits, positioning statement and messaging, ideal client profile and fully actionable marketing plan.