Experience Counts.

Experience is a great teacher, we have 25+ years’ worth.

Meet your dream team.

We leverage our extensive network to build a team of experienced professionals based on your specific needs. Each project is unique, so each member of our team fills a specific role.


Catharine Bradbury, CGD, is president & creative director of Bradbury Brand + Design Experts. After more than 25 years’ creating client success, she’s built a reputation as a brand and design leader. She developed the Brand Imprint process specifically to help firms define the intangibles that go into making a memorable brand—values, personality traits, differentiators, ideal client profiles.


Catharine uses her experience in brand stewardship and brand coaching to help clients build authentic brands from within. Her unique focus on brand strategy + design + execution ensures tangible results, while her commitment to personal, responsive service provides the foundation for long-term client relationships.


Catharine’s portfolio reflects the incredible diversity of her clients. She’s won over 300 international and national design awards. She’s designed over 40 stamps for Canada Post, served a six-year term on the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee to select stamp subjects and designs for commemorative stamps, has twice judged the “Best Album Cover of the Year” for Canada’s Juno Awards, and served on a number of design competition juries.



Nikki Jessop is Bradbury’s VP and a project management virtuoso with 12-plus years in branding and design. She is an adept facilitator who not only helps clients successfully navigate the Brand Imprint process, but also arrive at their destination with a set of concrete deliverables. She provides an objective yet engaged point of view that our clients value.


As project manager, Nikki budgets, coordinates, streamlines, troubleshoots and monitors. She works across groups to align internal team members and external stakeholders. She coordinates project schedules, arranges support services, tracks progress and ensures deadlines are met. She’s the voice on the phone, talking with vendors, managing team input, updating clients. From initial Brand Imprint sessions through to brand implementation, Nikki provides high level oversight on every Bradbury project.



Laur’Lei Silzer is a well-known fixture in the communications community. Her 35 years working in government and with private and non-profit clients have given her a clear understanding of branding. She understands the pain points that often surround branding, from lack of differentiation and low visibility, to changing corporate structure, to recruitment and retention issues.


Laur’Lei uses the Brand Imprint process to develop innovative strategies for brand implementation. She addresses specific client needs, including marketing, media, public relations, internal communications and corporate culture. With a well-established network of contacts across Canada, Laur’Lei offers exceptional client service.



Beverly Fast is an experienced writer and editor with more than 25 years’ experience writing for professional firms, institutions, public and private organizations. She understands branding and its impact on content creation at every level. She is well-versed in using the Brand Imprint to align brand messaging, subtly communicate brand values, highlight brand differentiators and target ideal clients.


Bev creates a voice for our clients, a voice that reflects each client’s brand values and brand personality. She is adept at using that voice consistently across communication platforms. She works closely with clients to create content that is professional yet engaging; concise yet fun to read; relevant yet always reinforcing the client’s brand.