Be different. Be visible. Be great.

Bradbury Brand Imprint Process.

The Bradbury Brand Imprint™ is a proven process that helps professional firms build authentic brands from within. We help you identify the character and personality traits that make you unique. We use that to inform our design and create a brand identity that engages your ideal clients. A brand that increases awareness, grows revenue, fosters a culture of success and builds the value of your firm.

C’mon, show us your intangibles.

We’ll use our Brand Imprint process to help you define the intangibles of your brand. We’ll turn those intangibles into a highly visual, very tangible representation of you. Brand strategy and visuals are clearly articulated, so you can communicate compelling value, promote emotional attachment and long-term recall of brand messages, and develop a brand identity that engages and connects internally and externally.


The Brand Imprint process harnesses the power of your brand. And a powerful brand will help you increase awareness, build loyalty, differentiate yourself in the market, attract high-powered talent, improve employee retention, even lower marketing expenses.


We turn your intangibles into a custom roadmap.

Imagine having a roadmap that identifies your brand messaging, identifies your brand’s unique position in the marketplace and clearly communicates your brand values and positioning strategy.


Imagine having this information at your fingertips—at the fingertips of everyone in your organization, actually, for use in all internal and external communications.


We help you create a brand roadmap that makes it easy for everyone to understand who you are and what makes you unique. Internally, it clearly communicates your brand message, values and positioning strategy, so everyone is pulling in the same direction. Externally, it creates a brand identity and personality that people know, trust and will return to.


Here’s what you get with the Brand Imprint process.

  • Core brand values
  • Personality traits
  • Brand messaging
  • Positioning/value statement
  • Stakeholder validation research
  • Ideal client profile
  • Competitive analysis
  • Image audit
  • Detailed brand report
  • Brand marketing plan


Here’s what we need from you.

  • Decision-makers must be involved
  • Reasonable budget for work involved
  • Willingness to throw out old habits and start from scratch
  • Willingness to take an honest look at company values
  • Buy-in on core values and services
  • Buy-in on character and personality traits
  • Commitment to brand positioning and ongoing stewardship


Here’s why it works.

  • Internally, your brand is clearly communicated, supported and understood
  • Internal ownership supports consistent, long-term application
  • Externally, your brand is authentic, based on truth and mutually agreed upon facts
  • People connect with your brand values and personality


Here’s why it matters.

  • Engagement – your brand imprint communicates to clients on an emotional level
  • Memorability – your brand reputation is reinforced
  • Loyalty – your clients are more likely to return
  • Premium pricing – clients seek you out
  • Brand equity – brand awareness increases brand value
  • Familiarity – memorability generates word-of-mouth
  • Succession planning – a strong brand improves recruitment and retention
  • Stability – clear, concise, consistent brand messaging across the firm
  • Cost savings – increased memorability leads to lower marketing costs