Be relevant. Be compelling. Be memorable.

Are we a fit?

Branding and design are both highly individual, personal and subjective fields. We’re here to help you uncover your Brand Imprint, and then turn all the intangibles that make up that brand into a memorable and very tangible representation of … well, you. Let’s start by seeing if we’re on the same page. This is how we work.


  • You’re part of our team – we’re part of yours. You’re looking to build a long-term relationship to ensure your brand continues to add value as your organization grows.
  • You have a reasonable budget for the work requested.
  • We share responsibility. As a team, we agree to communicate openly, honestly and regularly. We are mutually respectful, and we share responsibility for meeting agreed upon timelines.
  • We agree to a single point of contact. You designate a project manager to consolidate and communicate your team’s feedback.
  • You put decision-makers in the loop. Keeping your decision-makers in the loop throughout the Brand strategy + design + execution process ensures everyone starts and finishes on the same page.