Creative Strategy and Why We Need More of It

What’s the most important element of strategic communication management? Why, strategy, of course. A solid strategic plan linking the business need with audience characteristics, measurable objectives that deliver business results, a strategic approach and tactical implementation and measurement plans.

Not so fast! Strategy alone does not deliver results, because if the audience doesn’t get the message in a way that connects with them emotionally, everything else is academic. Strategy dies without insightful creative.

Think of it like the yolk and the egg white, soap and water, bees and honey. Strategy dies on the cutting room floor without compelling creative.

We are human. We thrive on emotional connection. When the connection is missing, messages get lost in the pool of other messages competing for attention. About corporate speak? Yeah, not so much. Unless we are delivering messages related to safety or crisis, messages without creative flair go unnoticed hobbling their way to the communication graveyard never to see the light of day. How messages are presented matters a great deal.